6/23 Tournament Info

Tribal Takedown Tournament

This is a team formatted tournament.  All skiers will receive a USA Waterski score for their events in addition to “fun” points earned towards their team.

Team definition and requirements:

  • Teams shall consist of no fewer than 4, or  greater than 6, skiing members
  • Teams must have a minimum of 1 member that competes in each events
  • Example: Team 1 has 6 members; all members Slalom but 1 member also tricks and jumps
  •  Skiers entering with no team will be assigned to a team
  • Teams are encouraged to have  1 non-skiing team member for the Bonus Competition
  • Team names and uniforms are required!!
  • A uniform is any item that identifies you as a member of that team.  Hat, t-shirt, bandanna, etc…. be original but tasteful


  • Points will be awarded based on the skiers performance, as compared to the skiers USA Water Ski 12 month average score
  • Ski a better score than your average, get 3 team points
  • Ski your average score, get 2 team points
  • Ski under your average score, get 1 team point
  • For skiers not having a USA Water Ski 12 month average score, the skiers 1st round score will be used as that skiers average.  The skiers second round score will be score as described
  • Teams with the maximum number of members and skied events will have an advantage to score more points
  • There will be a Bonus Competition round, worth 3 team points, at the river park at 6:30 pm

The Team with the most “fun” points wins the

SMRR Tribal Takedown!!!!

It’s all about coming to play the game !

Build your team and come play to win!



  1. This is really a neat idea to make competition fun for all levels!

    The only suggestion for improvement would be to have a secondary challenge where each team’s member scores are averaged into a Team Average. That way a team of 2 or 3 is able to compete against a team of 10. Making the team size into a scoring factor means that the top 2-3 biggest teams could ensure a win simply by joining into one team.

    Another note, have the “ski under your average score” be 0 pts. Thus, you could gather a team of 30 skiers, but only get points for the ones who ski at or above average.

    Setting up new competitions is fun, but challenging. If initial rules turn out to have a biased result, the interest will eventually fade. Thus, more level the playing ground, the more challenging the competition and the more exciting the outcome due to uncertainty of winning.

    • Todd – Thanks for the feedback! Love it! Yes, I think next years challenge will evolve from our experience this year and the suggestions we get from the participating natives!!! We wanted to keep it simple and successful the first year. The tribe leaders have certainly proved to be competitive thus far and are recruiting from neighboring tribes heavily!!! Will you and the family be participating or attending? We would enjoy having you here for the fun and support.

  2. Outski, Outscore, Outfun!

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